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Commander Communicator: 2/23/24

Parent/Guardian/Teacher Conferences are this upcoming Thursday the 29th from 5 – 7 pm in our Main Hall and Gym. This is an opportunity for parents and guardians to connect with your student’s teachers and other staff members and  get aContinue Reading

Commander Communicator: 2/15/24

We continue to celebrate Black History Month throughout the month of February and are excited to send our Black Student Alliance members to the 2nd Annual Black Student Alliance Banquet Awards on February 22nd to celebrate the achievements, resilience, andContinue Reading

Commander Communicator: 2/9/24

Shout out to the Asian Student Alliance for decorating our school and handing out the hóngbāo ancestral money that is burned for prosperity. This year is the year of the dragon, a year of opportunities, changes, and challenges. Thank youContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 1/26/24

It is my pleasure to share the IB quarter 2 Learner Profile awards! Congratulations to Flor Pasillas-Rivera for earning the Principled award, Dominique Montoya for earning the Thinker award, Alice Snow for earning the Communicator award, Ethan Martinez for earningContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 2/2/24

“The thing about Black history is that the truth is so much more complex than anything you could make up.” — Henry Louis Gates Jr. February 1st kicks off Black History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments andContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 1/15/24

Wishing you warmth, rest, and peace on this frigid long weekend as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most impactful non-violent civil rights leaders in history. The actions, words, and accomplishments of Dr. King did moreContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 1/2/24

The holidays can be times of rest, hope, relaxation, and making memories with family; conversely, holidays can also be times filled with stress, grief, and loneliness. Although my sincere hope is that all of you found joy and peace over the holiday break, IContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 12/11/23

As we close out the fall semester and reflect on what we have accomplished and what we need to put a bit more focus on for semester 2, consider engaging in a reflective practice as described by Dr. Asha inContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 12/4/23

Did you know that Saturday December 2nd was National Special Education Day? This day reminds us of the progression that has been made in the United States with regard to Special Education with the initiation of what is now known as the Individuals with DisabilitiesContinue Reading

Commander Communicator 11/27/23

As we close out our Gratitude Break and begin the final push to end semester one strong, I would like to thank all of our Commander students for your kindness, empathy, self-advocacy, and spirit. Our students are the best I’veContinue Reading

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