Stay Connected

There are many ways that we want to stay in touch with you this year. See below for a guide for all the different ways that we want to stay in touch and communicate! As always, you can reach the main office at 720-423-4300 or Attendance at 720-423-4354/4536.

Parent Portal (Required)

This is where you can go to see student attendance, behavior, and student achievement information. In addition, you can make sure your contact information is up to date. Please read steps on how to create an account. It is highly encouraged that you select preferences where you receive emails and texts. Read the navigation guide on how to turn on these settings as well as other great features of parent portal.

Things to know: Website: Download the Parent Portal App

Schoology (Required)

Schoology is used to share grades, homework, announcements, and other information. 
You can access Schoology directly through your Parent Portal account on a computer. In addition, we recommend that you download the Schoology App on your mobile device so that you can receive alerts and messages easily. 

Watch a video tutorial to walk you through accessing your student’s schoology account through your parent portal.

Weekly Emails (Highly Encouraged)

Keeps you in the loop with school events and important information. This is also how we send out the weekly Commander Communicator. You should automatically receive these emails, but if you don’t, email to sign up!

Remind (Highly Encouraged)

Various staff members (Counselors, College Advisors, Teachers, etc) use Remind to send out text messages when there are important reminders and updates for students. You can get this app on your mobile device.

Auto-Dialers (Encouraged)

Provides phone call updates to families. You can select your settings in the Parent Portal to receive these. Read the navigation guide on how to turn on these settings as well as other great features of parent portal.

Facebook (Recommended)

This is where we share updates, events, and celebrations. Keep up to date by following us on Facebook @JFKCommanders

Instagram (Recommended)

This is where students and families can see announcements, student activities, event highlights, and event promotions. Follow us on Instagram @kennedy_commanders!

JFK Website (Available)

Our website contains ALL the information you need as a Commander.

How to Navigate Parent Portal and Schoology

Parent & Student Portal
Parent & Student Portal icon

The Parent and Student Portals are tools that allow parents and students to monitor academic progress. Parents can leverage the Parent Portal to strengthen your academic partnership between your child and their teachers in order to drive more meaningful conversations. Guide to create an account.

  • Visit
  • Click “Create an Account.”
  • Fill out the form. Your child’s lunch number is their student ID number.
  • Input your child’s student ID and click “Submit.”
  • Create your username and password and click “Submit.”
  • Check your email and click the activation link to finish setting up your Parent Portal account.
  • *Mobile App available for Android and iPhone. *All the resources available on the web version are not available on the app version.
  • Access grades
  • Access report cards
  • Check attendance
  • Access transportation information
  • Allows you and your child/ren to monitor their own progress to support learning at home
  • Access your child’s school’s website
Schoology logo

Access through your Parent Portal Account

Schoology is the Learning Management System used by your child’s teachers to post classroom materials, homework, facilitate online discussions, and post classroom updates. Kennedy is using the Schoology gradebook for all up-to-date grades, teachers update all grades every Thursday at 10 am. Grades are only posted to Infinite Campus once each 6 weeks and at the end of the semester.
Join the DPS Schoology Parent 101 Course or with access code: WCRKP-DSCNR to learn about how to use Schoology at DPS.

  • *Mobile App available for Android and iPhone after you change your password on the web version. In order to log in to the mobile app, please follow these instructions to change your password through the web version: Account Settings > Account Password > Change Password. *All the resources available on the web version are not available on the app version.
  • Access your child’s grades and courses
  • Find your child’s upcoming assignments
  • See school updates
  • See updates for your child’s classes
  • Find the email address for your child’s teacher
School Website
School Website QR code
School website icon 

JFK High School has a website with school specific information:

  • contact information
  • news
  • events
  • School news and events
  • Registration information
  • School calendar and bell hours
  • Academic information
  • Faculty list
  • Athletics and activities
  • PTSA, CSC, and ELA PAC/DAC information
  • Volunteer information