The mission of the JROTC program is to motivate young people to be better citizens. Students receive instruction in leadership theory and application, wellness, fitness and first aid, geography, earth science, citizenship, American history, firearm safety and rifle marksmanship.

JROTC provides students with opportunities to be members of competitive drill and rifle teams, and to achieve success in various levels of leadership positions within the program. JFK’s JROTC unit is an Honor Unit with Distinction, limited to the top 10% of schools in the nation. JFK’s program is currently the largest in the state, and three of its drill teams are ranked regionally and nationally.

JROTC is an amazing program for any student who would like to improve their leadership skills. Students learn learn about American History, survival, and interpersonal intrapersonal skills that aid in creating the future leaders of America. There are also community-wide projects and the cadet challenge to promote physical fitness.

Within the program, there are four Companies of cadets around 20-25 each, as well as 5 teams specializing in different sections in JROTC that also participate in competitions to apply those skills.

The 2023-24 Honor Platoon sits in a US Army truck for the Homecoming Parade.
The Honor Platoon is an all-female academically driven, community service oriented unarmed drill team limited to the top 3% of the school. Made up of around 24 girls, they practice and work hard to get to nationals. Ranking 2nd in the Nation as of last year in the Golden Bear West Coast Nationals.
Raiders cadets
Raiders are a group of cadets that work hard to be physically fit and improve themselves. They work out and compete in athletic competitions. The competition tests students in many different physical fitness areas with games and obstacles.
Men's drill
Men’s Drill is an all-male armed drill team. Made up of the top male students in the program they actively work on their exhibition armed routine with riffles.
Marksmanship team
The Marksmanship team focuses on just that, marksmanship. They practice and work hard to get to marksmanship competitions where they demonstrate their skills by shooting their rifles at targets.

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