Special Education

Students on stage performing
Did you Know? 
JFK is the ONLY school in Colorado with a Unified Theater program! Founded by JFK Teacher, Timothy Boyles

The “I” in JFK’s P.R.I.D.E. values system stands for “Inclusion” and remains a core school-wide value. This is reflected in JFK’s programming, behavior response, outreach, and services for historically marginalized communities.

JFK has a high population of students receiving Special Education services (over 20% of our students are on IEPs) and hosts three center-based specialized programs, including Multi-Intensive (MI), Multi-Intensive Severe (MI-S), and Affective Needs (AN), and a strong Mild/Moderate program with a focus on Inclusion.  Special Education services at JFK are a top priority, with its leadership at the department and administrative level having many years of experience. In fact, JFK’s center-based programs have many unique services to assist in inclusion efforts, including award-winning Theatre, Visual Arts and Unified Sports programs. 

Our Special Education department works closely and collaboratively with students and their parents, general education teachers and administrators to ensure that our students with Mild/Moderate disabilities receive their IEP accommodations while they are included in general education classes. JFK offers several co-taught and College and Career Readiness courses designed to provide smaller student to teacher ratios for critical content areas such as Math, Science, and Literacy. 

JFK is the only school in Colorado with a Unified Theater program. This class offers a modified curriculum of JFK’s  Theatre pathway that focuses on presentation skills and basic acting techniques.

The Music for Me! class is geared towards our students with special needs, but open to all students who wish to grow and support each other in music! This class will explore basic music theory, different types of instruments and music, singing, and performance! This gives all students the opportunity to explore different areas of music! 

The Unified Sports program engages students in sports activities demanding teamwork, sportspersonship, movement skills, techniques and strategies. The students work to acquire appropriate social behavior and functional knowledge of Special Olympics  regulations. This class provides all students the opportunity to build friendships, increase knowledge of persons with cognitive delays, develop self-esteem, and become physically fit.

Peer-to-Peer Physical Education This course is a two-sequence course for students with disabilities and their peers in the general education program. Students are taught grade level physical education through a modified curriculum. Students collaborate and participate in activities consisting of, but not limited to, physical and motor skills, fundamental motor skills and patterns, fitness, lifetime/leisure activities, team sports, and IEP goals/objectives while demonstrating appropriate social skills in a physical activity setting. All students have the opportunity to develop positive relationships, learn about individual differences, and build self-esteem through the participation of sport and physical fitness.

Career Engagement is a one-semester course intended to teach students about successful job search strategies.   Students will practice job skills that will be used to create a resume, practice interview skills, and review skills required of a good employee.

Career Discovery is a one-semester course that guides students through a career exploration process culminating in an initial career plan. This plan is developed by matching individual work preferences, aptitudes, skills, and learning styles to fitting careers. Students will also investigate the training and educational requirements for their chosen career field. 

Students will present their career plans including how they will use self-advocacy skills to achieve the next steps identified in the career plan.

Students with IEP’s can also participate in our ACE Connect pathway where they can engage in School Work Based Learning and/or Community Work Based Learning.

Work-Based Learning (in school) provides students with the opportunity to enhance employment skills by participating in a school-based enterprise experience.

Our two School Work Based Learning pathways are through our Commander Cafe or Print Job through the JFK custom design class. 

Commander Cafe is an in-school business that is entirely student run. Students train in  various roles such as baristas, cashiers, stockers, and managers. They use equipment that can be found in real businesses in the community such as coffee makers, an espresso machine, drink dispensers, a cash register, a Point-of-Sale program (Square), and a kitchen display monitor. The students have enjoyed learning these skills and some have even begun training others to use it. It has given students the opportunity to practice job skills in a safe and authentic environment and build a professional resume.

JFK Print Shop allows students to gain real world experience in graphic design and custom print projects.