Heather Randall

CTE - Engineering Teacher and DCTA Building Representative




Prior to teaching I was an Architect for 15 years and have a Master Degree from the Graduate School of Architecture. I also hold a professional license.  This is my 14th year of teaching for Denver Public Schools. Currently, I am guiding two cohorts of students through the NASA HUNCH program while introducing them to the Engineering Design Cycle.  In addition,  I teach two RedRock Community College Classes at Kennedy; CE-CAD 1101/1102 and CE-SolidWorks 2450, each leading to an industry certification.  More recently, I have started teaching an IB class in Design Technology.  

Other than teaching, I am a mentor to several clubs and organizations including, TSA, STEM Blazers and JFK Environmental Club. I have had students compete in state and regional competitions, talk via HAM radio to the Astronauts on the International Space Station and travel internationally through the WiSci Program.