Susana Ruvalcaba

Upward Bound

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“Upward Bound worked for me, so now I work for Upward Bound”. I became part of the Upward Bound Family in 2010 as a student at Poudre High School in Fort Collins and since then it has been a journey. I was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but raised in good old Fort Collins. I attended Colorado State University after realizing I did not want to leave home, but compensated by doing a lot of traveling. During my time at CSU, I worked with Upward Bound 77 for two summers as a Tutor Counselor. I then went on to become their intern. I received my Bachelors in Social Work and Minor in Criminology. After graduation, I worked as a Case Manager at Turning Point Center for Youth and Family Development in Fort Collins. I did one-on-one work with youth struggling with behavior and mental health. Soon after I transitioned into an Education Specialist and traveled the Northern Colorado area hosting workshops and presentations on Marijuana education. I am lucky to have ended back up at CSU as an advisor for the Upward Bound 17 program. I work with John F. Kennedy High School and Abraham Lincoln High School. I love spending time and seeing the passion in our students.  I have been so fortunate to share my journey and give back to a program that did so much for me and continues to do so.