School of Theatre and Film

CreativeConnect: JFK Film Production

The High School Film Department  is designed much like a college-level film program.  You’ll start with Film production, then take a two year intensive course in film study and film creation.  The program ends with 4 capstone projects and test where you pull together the knowledge and skills you’ve learned throughout the program to complete a fun, but challenging, project.  Students earn a weighted GPA credit and receive Diploma program credit which can count up to a total of 6 credit hours when they complete the program.

Projects & Teams

Just like in college and career, you’ll be faced with projects and problems that must be solved. Most of these will be completed by teams of students learning to work together. Your results will be communicated through multiple film projects and analysis of film. You will get to learn and know film in new ways.

Course Descriptions

Film Production: Learn the Basics of filmmaking from how to use your phone to make a small i minute short. To making multiple short film ranging from, Horrors, Animation, Claymation, PSA and Comedies. Also learn how to breakdown and understand the process behind making and viewing films. Why do we make the films we do today? What is a director trying to say? What can we take away from the lighting in that shot? Explore the fundamentals of film in all its aspects.

Diploma Program (Junior) Film:  A two year intensive study in film. You will work on more advance projects that real push you as a film maker taking on the role of director, cinematographer, editor and screenplay writer. understand the theories that go with film making and understand how culture and social events have impacted the film industry globally.

Diploma Program (Senior) Film: In your second year of Diploma studies you will apply everything you have learned the years before to make and analysis film from around the world. You will be making films for multiple festival and events. Also preparing for the college test to earn credit.

FILM Breakdown

Projects and teams descriptions

How does film express the world around us?

Analysis: Can you imagine a company president who doesn’t understand finances? Learning how companies manage their money is important in any business career. In this course, you will face issues that concern financial markets and institutions.

Creation: Get an up-close look at managing. You’ll learn first-hand how to manage projects and people – and how to do it ethically and legally. Work as a team to conquer problems you face in the areas of management, including human resources, risk, and knowledge management.

Appreciation: Here’s where it all comes together. You and your classmates will team-up to use what you’ve learned and created in previous courses to start and run your own business. Take charge!

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