Commander Communicator 3/25/2023

Posted March 25, 2023

Commander Communicator

Commander Communicator

A Message From The Principal

Dear Commander Families,

Apologies in advance for the length of this message. The content is critical, so please read the message in its entirety. 

Many of you may have heard that our Supt. Dr. Marrero called a mental health day for all staff and students to provide us with the time we need to reflect, heal, and be with loved ones. This means that all DPS school activities and events are canceled for tomorrow, but the baseball game and Commander Cup are still on for Saturday.

I also want to take this opportunity to update you on the status of the East staff members: one of the staff members who was injured during the incident at East High School yesterday has been released from the hospital and the other staff member is in stable condition…thank God! The student who was involved in the incident was found deceased last night. Students and families, this act of violence is extremely saddening and unbelievably troubling; you have a RIGHT to feel safe when attending school and when sending your children to school. 

You may have noticed an immediate measure taken by DPS and DPD is to reinstate School Resource Officers in all DPS schools from now until the end of the school year. I’d like to welcome our School Resource Officer John Avila back to Kennedy. He is extremely experienced and a valued member of our community. In addition to DPS’s measure, we as a school will be implementing the following policies immediately upon return from Spring Break:

  • All students must wear their student ID while entering the building, and have it on their person throughout the school day.

    • If you have lost your ID, please be prepared to check in at the main office when you arrive back at school on 4/4 to reprint your ID. The first reprint is free, but you will be charged $5 for each additional reprint. Lanyards are on sale in the treasurer’s office for $5  but are not required. 

  • All students must enter through the main entrance (at Brown & Lamar)or the student lot entrance prior to 7:30. Once the school day begins at 7:30 all entrances other than the main entrance will be locked; therefore, if you arrive late to school or during school hours, you will be required to walk around to the front entrance and enter through the main lobby and office with your ID visible. 

As shared in previous Family Communicators, the JFK social workers have been pushing into all science classes to teach drug prevention education programming. In light of the tragedy at East High School, John F. Kennedy staff felt it was imperative to also discuss school safety as part of our presentation to the students. The JFK Social Workers presented the “Say Something” Curriculum provided by the Sandy Hook Promise which educates students on ways they can keep themselves, their peers and their larger school community safe. In addition to this curriculum, JFK social workers also shared local resources available to students. HERE  is a link to the presentation and to learn more about the programming the Sandy Hook Promise offers for school safety, HERE is the Link to Safety Presentation provided today. 

PARENTS and GUARDIANS, you may have heard from your student that there is a social media page called JFK.Confessions. This page has created a platform for cyberbullying and needs to be shut down. Unfortunately, the school’s hands are tied when it comes to shutting down content on social media. Therefore, we are encouraging our students to report the page in order for Instagram to shut it down. Additionally, students, please let us know if there are students who are being bullied through this platform so that we can connect with the students and attempt to address the bullying. 

PSAT/SAT Super Test Week is the second week after Spring Break. Please see the dates below. Attendance is required unless you have formally opted out, which requires paperwork submitted to the school and CDE. Please reach out to our Assessment Lead, Gayla Power (, if you have any questions. We must hit 95% participation otherwise our School Performance Framework status will drop a band. 

Stay safe and take time to rest and unwind, Commanders. We will see you on the 4th for a Green day. Have a Commander Kind of Spring Break!

Tiffany Almon, Proud and Grateful Principal

She, her, hers, and why they matter

Upcoming Events

  • March 27th – April 3rd 

    • Spring Break! No Classes 

  • April 4th – April 7th 

    • Prom Spirit Week 

  • April 5th –

    • Class of 2023 mandatory class meeting during advisory 

  • April 6th –

    • Cap & Gown photos beginning at 2:30 in the JFK gym

  • April 7th –

    • Modified schedule for prom pep rally

  • April 8th 

    • Prom

    • The Establishment at Bradburn Village 7 – 11 pm

April 12th 

  • Parent – Teacher Conferences

    • 4:00 – 7:00 pm 

    • JFK Gym

    • Drop – in style, snacks and drinks provided.

  • Mandatory Parent meeting for the class of 2023 in the Auditorium

    • 5-7pm

See more >


  • 9th grade PSAT and 11th grade SAT 

    • Wednesday, April 12th  

  • 10th grade PSAT and 11th grade science CMAS 

    • Thursday, April 13th

***On these days students will be released early. Please have conversations your student on if they are allowed to walk home. For students who do not have the option to leave early we will be playing an movie in the auditorium.

Mental Health Resources

Colorado Crisis and Support Line 844-493-8255 or Text TALK to 38255.  Resource for mental health, substance use, or emotional crisis help – information and referrals

National Suicide Hotline 800-273-825524-hour toll-free confidential suicide prevention hotline

Second Wind Fund 303-988-2645 Provides free counseling to underinsured and uninsured youth that are suicidal

Trevor Project Hotline 866-488-7386 Crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth

Safe2Tell Colorado 877-542-7233 An anonymous way to report any concern impacting students (phone, app, online reporting options)

I Matter Colorado Will direct students to an online survey for their needs and connect them to a therapist

March Library News

Senior News

Class of 2023 will have a MANDATORY class meeting onApril 5th in the auditorium. This meeting will begin at the start of advisory and end around 10:30 am. 

Class of 2023 MANDATORY parent meeting is on April 12th from 5 to 7 pm. This meeting will cover important information such as 

  • What to expect for the last 5 weeks of school

  • How many tickets each student will get for graduation 

  • Senior checkout

  • Graduation rehearsals and more. 

                            Click Here for more senior information!

*Class of 2023* Ms. Katie  Denver Scholarship Foundation

  • The Class of 2023 has earned $1.78 million in scholarships already! That is not counting the money they will also receive from DSF.

  • We have a Gates finalist, Daniel Hoang! Wish him luck as he prepares for the final round, where he will be interviewed. That is scheduled for tomorrow, March 16, after school.

  • We also have a recipient of a full-ride scholarship to Bellevue University, Xiolani Vargas-Esquivel! Make sure to congratulate her if you see her.

  • Our financial aid application submission rate is also 12% higher than what it was last year around this time!

  • For now, I am focusing on helping seniors open their student portals so they may begin to access their financial aid offers. Hopefully, reviewing this will get us over the $2 million scholarship mark!

  • We are also amidst planning for the Senior Signing Day celebration that will be held on April 28!

Sign up for Cap and Gown photos! April 6th beginning at 2:30 in the JFK gym. Families welcome. $30 per student if pre-registered.
Walk-ins will be $45 per student

*9-11th GradeCollege Access Program*Mr. Miguel – Denver Scholarship Foundation

Important dates:

  • April 27th – College Tour to CU Boulder (SKO Buffs)

  • May 9th – College Access Program Ceremony

Travel Opportunity: Thailand, Cambodia, & Vietnam!

We are so excited for our next international travel adventure for select JFK students which will take place during the summer of 2024: Thailand, Cambodia, & Vietnam! We are hosting an IN-PERSON Travel Night in April so families can learn more. Please use the highlighted link at the bottom to register for the meeting, even if you can’t make it.

Why this opportunity now?

  • Something for students to look forward to -A chance for students to reconnect with the world

  • Access to a $200 enrollment scholarship & Risk-Free Enrollment (we’ll talk more about these at the meeting)

  • Spread payments over a longer period of time, making the opportunity much more affordable

  • Allow students to step out of their comfort zones, grow their social skills, make connections to their studies, bridge cultural gaps, and take part in an experience that will set them apart when applying to college and their future careers.

        There has been a ton of interest among the students, but unfortunately, we can only offer a limited number of spots. These spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and have traditionally filled up quickly. We’ve been talking about this experience with students if you would like to ask your child for more details, as well.

Meeting Details & Registration: We look forward to seeing you there and filling you in!

Logann Epley Radigan & the JFK SE Asia ‘24 Team