John F. Kennedy High School Named Whole Child Distinguished School

Posted June 12, 2020

Denver Public Schools (DPS) is committed to providing equitable and inclusive environments where students are Healthy, Supported, Engaged, Challenged, Safe, and Socially and Emotionally Intelligent. DPS is leading the nation in focusing this level of effort and attention around Whole Child supports because DPS knows– and research shows – it will not only improve academic outcomes, but is critical to achieving our vision that Every Child Succeeds.

As part of the 19-20 DPS recognition cycle, John F Kennedy High School has been named a Whole Child Distinguished School, demonstrating excellence in supporting students beyond academics. 


Each year, the teachers and special service providers at ten schools may receive the Distinguished Schools Incentive for their work around the whole child. 

The ProComp Implementation team, comprised of district and DCTA members, designates winners of the award each year using the following measures:

  • Health Education
  • Physical Education and Physical Activity
  • Nutrition Environment and Services
  • Health Services
  • Counseling, Psychology, and Social Support Services
  • Social and Emotional School Climate
  • Physical Environment
  • Employee Wellness
  • Family Engagement
  • Community Involvement
  • Support for students in historically marginalized groups

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When entering John F. Kennedy High School (JFK), one will read “We are Stronger Together” in three languages, on multiple walls. This statement represents the current and future state of JFK: students, teachers, families and the wider community are working together to support the Whole Child as a diverse, motivated, and unified force. The school’s distinguished Whole Child approach closes traditional equity gaps to provide all students the opportunity to rise to JFK’s future vision, which states, “As Commanders, we are advocates of our passions, challengers of inequity, and champions of change. We find P.R.I.D.E. (Professionalism, Respect, Inclusion, Dedication, and Excellence) in shaping a more inclusive global community and taking command of our role within that world.” 

JFK empowers the Whole Child through best-in-class programming across the academic, social-emotional, and postsecondary domains. JFK pushes students to see beyond their known scope of Southwest Denver and to become champions of change for themselves and their loved ones. The Whole Child strategies provide a solid foundation to “take command” of their future. To move towards the future vision of the school, JFK has pinpointed three initiatives that drive the mindset of “Stronger Together”, including; 1. Building  a JFK culture of P.R.I.D.E., focusing on trust between students and staff, 2. Supporting teachers and staff to navigate increasingly diverse classrooms, and 3. Providing  social-emotional supports to the entire JFK community.