Exciting News for the 20-21 School Year

Posted April 23, 2020

ARISS logo

JFK High School EngineeringConnect department is pleased to announce John F Kennedy High School has been selected to host an ARISS radio contact with the International Space Station in November of the 20-21 school year. JFK High School is 1 of 10 schools in the nation selected for this opportunity.

This year the High School Engineering program at John F Kennedy High School was 1 of 5 schools awarded the JFK Space Lab presented by Raytheon. Our students are exploring the ISS-above cameras and learning about HAM Radios as well as the types of careers in Engineering communications. 

Astronaut in space

As a highlight of this partnership, JFK learned about the ARISS program and immediately sought to incorporate this into the engineering department’s learning experience and provide the JFK community a look into the legacy of its schools namesake.

In November, 10-12 students will be selected to ask their questions to the astronaut aboard the ISS as it orbits planet Earth. All JFK students are welcome to submit their questions.

This Space Talk is made possible by ARISS, “Amateur Radio on International Space Station”, an international working group of the amateur satellite service.

Astronaut in space

An amateur radio station is operational onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Most astronauts have an amateur radio license and operate the onboard station to contact radio amateur ground stations in their free time.


In agreement with the space agencies, NASA, ESA, CSA, Roscosmos and JAXA, ARISS prepares and implements educational Space Talks for students nearly every week. Volunteering radio amateurs put their radio station, their expertise and their time at the disposal of the space agencies and the educational community. These Space Talks are included in the “timeline” of the astronaut.

The ARISS international working group is supported by the national radio amateur societies.