Kate Leaf

Social Studies Teacher




Rm 225

I’m excited to join the Kennedy family this year as a social studies and SAT Prep teacher. I grew up in Colorado and believe we live in the coolest spot. I love to take advantage of the outdoor access and can often be found backpacking, running, or skiing in the mountains with my family and friends. I’m also a bibliophile and spend significant time with my nose in a book or a pen in my hand. I’m currently attempting to write a YA novel and encourage you to ask me about it. As it turns out, accountability is the hardest part of developing a writing practice and I could use the reminders!

I have been teaching in various settings for 8 years and most recently hail from an international school in Querétaro, Mexico, which is also called John F Kennedy School. (No joke!) Previously, I have taught math, English, and social studies, but know that social studies is truly where my passion lies. I love getting students to think about world issues and how they intrinsically connect to the past.

Leaf headshot