Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354
Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354

Senior Support Staff

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Graduation Coordinator


Class Sponsor


Class Sponsor


Class Sponsor


Class Sponsor


Yearbook Coordinator


Communications/Senior Event Planner


Post Secondary Advisor


Counselor (A-Go)


Counselor (Gr-N)


Counselor (O-Z)


Upcoming Events/Deadlines

Senior Sunrise

The Senior Sunrise will take place on the JFK Football Field on August 24th at 6 AM. If you have any additional questions about this event, please reach out to

Cap and Gown Orders

You can order your cap and gowns on October 14th, November 9th, and December 6th at lunch in the main hall! The Deadline to order Cap and Gowns is December 11th.

Yearbook Deadlines

Senior portrait submissions for yearbook will be due Feb. 1, more detailed directions to come. 

‘Yearbook Snap’ Community upload option:

If you or someone you know takes a photo that you think should be in the yearbook, the easiest way to submit it is through our yearbookforever website or the Yearbook Snap app linked above.

Just select our school and enter the access code ‘JFK,’ and you can submit up to 3 pics at a time. Leave a little note, including who is in the picture and any other relevant details, and we can include it in the 2022 edition of The Profile!

Senior Class Photo

More details coming soon!

Senior Parking Spots

Seniors will have the opportunity to paint their parking spots on Saturday, September 18th from 10am-4 pm. Students must have a parking pass in order to paint their spots. Parking passes can be purchased with the treasurer for $20! Paint brushes and paint need to be provided by the students themselves.


More details coming soon!