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Denver high school students organize mock election, engage classmates in current politics

The student council at John F. Kennedy High School prepared a mock election that asks students to vote on Colorado’s initiatives.

DENVER — As voters across the country tuned into Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate to stay informed, high school students in Denver are finding ways to engage in the election process before most of them are even eligible to cast a ballot.

John F. Kennedy High School is preparing for a mock election on Nov. 3 organized by its student council.

“Our student council had to get really creative because a lot of the events that we usually put on are not going to be possible – the dances, the parades, the assemblies, all of that stuff,” said social studies teacher and student council supervisor Kade Orlandini. “And so we basically had a blank slate.”

“We kind of went to what the highest interest was in our student body,” said senior Katia Del Toro. “They kind of gave us the idea that they were very interested in politics. So, we were like, ‘Wow, this is a great year to watch and observe.’ So, we came up with a mock election for our students.”

Orlandini said initially, the focus of the mock election was on the presidential race.

“But, we’ve been talking a lot about the local issues,” Orlandini said. “So, when they do the mock election, it’ll be everything that’s on the Colorado ballot.”

To help the student body make informed decisions, the first 15 minutes of each class has been designated as “warm welcomes” where students discuss a variety of topics from pop culture to political issues.

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