Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354
Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354

Commander Communicator 9/4

Dear Commander Community,

As we head into the long, Labor Day weekend (no school on Monday), I am reflecting on this week and looking forward to next. With so much turmoil going on around us in our personal lives and in the news, I must say that whenever I have the privilege of interacting with you, our students and our families, either in person or on a Google Meet, I am filled with PRIDE! I’d like to share two specific examples of such interactions that further convinced me that Kennedy Commanders are second to none.

On Tuesday and Friday, I had the opportunity to meet with Student Council leaders who reminded me that we need to provide WAY MORE opportunities for students to engage in conversations and learning experiences regarding inequities and racism that are happening every day. We committed to dedicating at least one Warm Welcome activity per week to conversations about equity and race. Student Council will also lead an Equity Conversation with our staff on Wednesday the 9th from 2:25 - 3:10. Kennedy is getting closer to our vision each day, and this progression is because of our amazing students! 

On Thursday, I logged onto the Chemistry Google Meet, just in time for the Warm Welcome in which students were sharing their baby pictures! I was so touched by our students' willingness to open up to each other and their teacher. Making time and space to build relationships during the Warm Welcome helps us stay connected and remain Stronger Together!

Families, please join me at this Google Meet on Wednesday 9/9/20 from 5 - 6 for our Town Hall Meeting that will focus on recognizing Signs of Suicide as well as our Title 1 School presentation. 

With love and gratitude,
Tiffany Almon
Proud Principal
  • SCHEDULE: Here is a "How To Get to Class in a Remote World" guide in English and Spanish. You can check your Student Portal for your schedule so you know which period you need to attend each class. Check out our block schedule here. If you can't remember if it is a green day or a blue day, please check the homepage banner of

  • Attendance Policy: Our attendance policy has been updated this year in order to accommodate school in a remote world. You can read the policy here. Remember, if you are unable to attend your class, please contact your teacher explaining why so that you will not get marked as absent. You will also need to provide them your plan on how you will avoid missing class in the future.

  • Supply Pick-Up: Some courses require hard copy materials, textbooks and/or additional supplies in order for students to fully engage with the content. If you missed our supply pick up events this week, please stop by the main entrance walk-up window and request your supplies between 8 AM and 3 PM next week.

  • TOWN HALL Meeting on Wednesday the 9th of September from 5 -6 PM. Please attend for our Title I and Suicide Prevention presentation. If you missed any of the previous town halls meetings you can view the Virtual Town Hall Q&A Document here.

  • Math Mastery Movement: If you do not have a Math Class, you will log into your Math Mastery Movement class every Monday at 2:25. This class is labeled at Study Hall in Schoology. Since Monday is Labor Day and there is no school, you do not have Math Mastery Movement this week. You can brush up on your skills anytime, though, by logging into your Khan Academy student account.

  • “Paper” Online Tutoring Program Launches This Week! -- Go to and login by clicking the BLUE Google Login button and entering your DPS login and password information. You will now have access to 24/7 tutors in ALL course content areas. Tutors are also available to speak to you in Spanish. There will be prizes awarded to the 45 students who use Paper with the most frequency over the next two weeks. This is an excellent resource to help you stay on track towards your career and college pathway

  • 100% Virtual Option: We wanted to clarify that choosing the 100% virtual option in your Annual Family Update means you are only electing for 100% virtual learning through December. Also, if you have selected 100% virtual learning but you change your mind and would like to attend school in-person once we resume you do not have to change your Annual Family Update. You can just send your child to school as you normally would! We are still working out a solution for the situation that you have selected in-person and would like to shift to 100% virtual.

  • Health and Safety Requirements for in-person learning:  In partnership with CDPHE, DPS has identified Health and Safety requirements, including the wearing of masks, handwashing, and other specific notes, that will be in place when we are in the hybrid and full-time in-person learning contexts.  Information is available on the DPS website.

  • Environmental Sustainability Class: Environmental Sustainability is now open to Freshmen who had a B average in 8th grade.
    Environmental sustainability is a rapidly developing field that involves creating environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to ensure food security for a growing world population; provide affordable, renewable energy; and provide clean, safe drinking water. In this class, you will examine how biological and environmental engineers address and solve important global problems. You will step into the role of an engineer and investigate current global problems as presented by the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council. 
    Reach out to your counselor if you would like to take this class!

  • Seminar Class: You may notice a schedule change on your schedule.  If you have an excused period in the fall or spring semesters, it will be replaced with a new course called Seminar.  This is being done because the course called Seminar more closely reflects the independent learning that students are doing as remote learners.  

    No attendance will be taken for Seminar nor will a grade be assigned.  This will remain an independent study time for students, same as your excused period.  Again, this change will only impact the schedule of those students who have an excused period on their schedule.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Ortiz at 720-423-4313. 

  • In person, socially distant, engagement activities: Despite being in remote learning, we want to offer small, socially distant in-person activities (~25 students) at JFK High School, but first we want to hear from you! Please complete the survey below to help us create fun activities to help bring our Commander community together during these difficult times.

  • REGISTRATION: If you still need to register you can come to the JFK main entrance any day next week between 8 AM and 12 PM or 1 PM and 3 PM for in-person support. You can also still complete this process online through our online registration document.
    • Chromebooks/Hotspots: If you have a hotspot that doesn't work, please come to JFK in order to trade it in for a new one. If you still need a hotspot, we still have some left to give out!

    • If you are in need of a Chromebook , you can come to the school Thursday or Friday between 8-3 PM next week. You can park in the main entrance parking lot and we will take care of you at the open window. If students are having issues with their Chromebook, they can also come in to exchange the one they have for a new one. It is always a good idea to call the main office (720-423-4300) prior to coming in to ensure we still have Chromebooks and hotspots available. 

    • Troubleshooting: Please contact if you are having issues attending your courses in Schoology.



  • In case you didn't know the JFK Denver Health clinic is open and safe to visit! All you have to do 
    • English E-Sign
    • Spanish E-Sign
    • To make an appointment: E-mail or call 303-602-8958 or
      the JFK Clinic direct number: 720-423-4355
  • in order to use the clinic is fill out the consent form which you can access by clicking these links 
    below. After you e-sign and make an appointment, just call them at 720-423-4355 so they can 
    let you into the building. They also do sport physicals if you are still in need of one! 


  • 9/9 — Title I & Suicide Prevention Presentation from 5-6 PM at
  • 9/7 —  No School (Labor Day)
  • 9/8 — CSC Meeting
  • TBD — Back to School Night
  • TBD — ARISS Ask an Astronaut Event




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