Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354
Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354

Spring 2020 Assessment Status

As of  3/26/2020

JFK Commanders — This resource is for you to know the up-to-date status of typically expected assessments related to this time of the school year and how those assessments have been modified to accommodate these challenging times.

In this unprecedented time of halted education for our community, the necessity and benefits of State assessments, in some cases, become a mute point.  Standardized testing requires standards based instruction as a prerequisite. That standards based instruction has been unfortunately and necessarily interrupted.  As a result, the validity and benefits of the State assessment results are significantly reduced; and the State of Colorado has paused CMAS and CoAlt assessments for the 19-20 school year.  School accountability measures, known as the School Performance Framework, are also paused. Many changes have also been made for National and international assessments.

What about the SAT/PSAT Suite and other assessments our students need to meet graduation requirements, dual language proficiency diplomas and to apply for college?  The State’s cancellation strategy will not work for these assessments.

See the following table for each assessment and its corresponding status.

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