Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354
Main Office: 720-423-4300 & Attendance: 720-423-4354

JFK is the only DPS school facilitating a Hispanic Professionals CareerCoach cohort!

DPS CareerConnect has started a CareerCoach mentoring program called the Hispanic Professionals CareerCoach cohort which supports our lowest level access students and Spanish speaking newcomers by allowing them career exploration completely facilitated in their native language of Spanish. JFK was spotlighted in the most recent DPS newsletter and is the only DPS school currently leading this effort with a Spanish CareerCoach cohort which is creating more equity and access for our ELLs to CTE and career pathway options in school based and work based learning.

The CCS work-based learning team is excited to highlight the pilot of a Spanish speaking Coach Mentoring cohort for Spanish speaking students at JFK High School and professionals across Denver. Mentors and students will meet four times over the spring semester to explore careers, develop professional skills and ultimately build a community that accommodates and celebrates Spanish speakers within our schools and professional communities. Heartfelt shout out to our DPS mentors, Norma King, Denisse Solic, Ingrid Porras, and Daniel Houser and HUGE shout out to Angelique Sanchez who coordinates and facilitates the mentoring sessions!

If you would like to find out more information on becoming a mentor for the Coach Mentoring program (all languages and professionas are welcomed), please contact Ericka Porter at

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