Testing Days Information

Hello Commanders Families,

This is a reminder of our upcoming assessment days. Tuesday, April 9, 11th graders will be taking the SAT, on Wednesday, April 10, 9th graders will be taking the PSAT 9 and on Thursday, April 11, 10th graders will be taking PSAT10 and 11th graders will take CMAS science. Students will NOT have school on the days they do NOT test.  (12th graders have No School all 3 testing days.)

Buses will be on a modified schedule with regular morning pick up time and adjusted return departures. Please see dismissal times below in testing schedule. Students will need to check the rosters posted inside the 2 main entrances (staff parking lot and student parking lot) for student testing room after 7:30am. Testing will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. Lunch is served after each test each day before dismissal.  Early dismissal time changes with each test!

Students taking the SAT/PSAT will need a photo ID, #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils) and a permitted calculator is optional.  All backpacks, purses, etc. are not allow inside the testing rooms, they will need to be in lockers during testing.  Possession of any electronic devices during testing is prohibited.  If students choose to bring any of these items, they will be asked to place them at the front of the testing room until all testing is complete – this includes completely powering off all phones & smart watches.  Possession and/or use of any electronic devices during the testing session will result in test invalidation.  Please make sure students get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast so they can do their best.


Tuesday, April 9 – 8:00 – 12:05 SAT Exam without Essay (11th grade)

•    Bus departure 12:30
•    No school 9th, 10th  and 12th graders

Wednesday, April 10 8:00 – 11:25 PSAT9 Exam (9th grade)

•    Bus departure 11:45
•    No school 10th, 11th & 12th graders

Thursday, April 11 8:00 – 11:45 PSAT10 Exam (10th grade)

•    Bus departure 12:00
•    No school 9th, 11th and 12th graders

Thursday, April 11 8:00 – 11:45 CMAS Science (11th grade)

•    Bus departure 12:00
•    No school 9th, 10th and 12th graders

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