Letters of Recommendation

Colleges prefer to receive letters of recommendation electronically.  At JFK, we submit Letters of Rec through the Naviance system.  Teachers and students should follow these steps for requesting and uploading letters of recommendations.

  1. Students must personally ask a teacher if he/she would be willing/able to write a Letter of Rec a minimum of 2 weeks prior to when it is due. (If less time is given, teachers may say no!)
  2. Students should provide the teacher with a completed copy of the Letter of Rec Request Form, a copy of their transcript (available through the Student Portal), and a copy of their résumé to assist in writing the best letter possible.
  3. Students must complete the Letter of Rec Information Survey to assist teacher’s in writing a well-rounded and informative letter. Students: Click HERE to fill out that survey in Naviance.  Teachers, click HERE to log in to your educator portal to access student responses using the Account Name jfkhs.  Please email Joe_Naughton@dpsk12.org or Emily_Rivera@dpsk12.org with questions about your teacher Naviance account.
  4. Teachers can follow the directions found HERE to  upload the letter into Naviance and then submitted electronically to the college.  Some colleges may require that the letter be uploaded to a specific website/link and it is the student’s responsibility to provide the teacher with that information.
  5. If the Letter of Rec is for a scholarship or other organization that does not use Naviance eDocs, please print out the letter and give it to the student in a signed envelope.

Student Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Teacher eDocs directions to access student info and upload Letter of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation Packet for Teachers