Graduation & Prom Attendance Policy and Appeal Procedures

Graduation & Prom Attendance Policy and Appeal Procedures

As a reminder, in order to participate in the graduation ceremony and attend Prom, students must have an overall attendance rate for the entire year of 93%.  The JFK Attendance Team will notify all students who are below 93% on Monday, April 9, 2018.

All students below the 93% requirement have the option to appeal their no-walk/no-prom status by completing the following steps.

Step 1: Make an appointment for an Attendance Appeal Meeting (deadline = April 20, 2018)

  • Seniors Below 80%  = must meet with JFK Administration, parent or guardian is required to attend  (contact Ms. Sanchez-Serrano at 303-880-1561, send text with student name to schedule)
  • Seniors 80-92% = must meet with their Counselor, parent or guardian is highly encouraged to attend  (contact the appropriate counselor to schedule)
  • Juniors 92% and below, and grades 9-11 wanting to attend Prom as a date = must meet with JFK Administration  (contact Mr. Bravo at 720-423-4321 or to schedule)

Last name     Counselor  Phone  Email

A-E          Shea Caballero(Johnson)  720-423-4341

F-Mars    Joe Naughton  720-423-4351

Mart-P    Emily Rivera  720-423-4338

Q-Z          Meghan Martiniere  720-423-4366

Step 2: Students must write a letter/essay requesting an appeal and bring it to the Appeal Meeting.

Letter/essay must be signed by student and parent

Possible topics (you do not have to include all of these – they are just ideas!)

o   Why are you seeking a waiver plan to participate in Prom and/or Graduation?

o   Why is your attendance lower than 93%?

o   What challenges have you faced this year?

o   What are your future goals after high school?

o   Why is participating in Prom and/or Graduation important to you?

o   How will participating in Prom and/or Graduation impact you?

Step 3: At the Attendance Appeal Meeting, an individual plan will be written for each student listing follow-up activities that must be complete to earn the waiver and be allowed to participate in Graduation Ceremony and Prom.

  • All activities must be complete by May 7, 2018 to attend Prom and May 21, 2018 to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Most importantly, students who are approved for an Attendance Appeal Plan cannot have ANY unexcused absences for the remainder of the semester.  ANY unexcused absence will void the Appeal Plan and will prevent a student from participating in Prom and the Graduation Ceremony.