Energy and Engineering

Kennedy was selected to be a part of the Youth Career Connect grant given to Denver Public Schools.  As such, a new pathway combining the Energy sector and Engineering fields is being created to meet the needs of the workforce needs of the state of Colorado.  Starting in 2014-2015, students in the program will be participating in Job Shadow experiences with local engineering and energy companies.  This pathway uses the nationally recognized Project Lead The Way curriculum, which uses project and problem based strategies to teach the courses.  The energy sector is the central focus in this pathway, with several other courses being offered that allow students to specialize in the areas of Petroleum, Solar, and Wind Technologies.

Energy and Engineering Pathway

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9th Grade

Students start the program by taking the first course, Introduction to Engineering Design.  These topics are focused on:  the design process, applying math and science to hands-on projects.  Students use 3D modeling software and engineering notebooks during the class.   Students are given the opportunity to attend a Job Shadow Experience with a company in this field.

10th Grade

Students continue the program with the second year course, Principles of Engineering.   This rigorous course focuses on:  mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation.

11th Grade

During their Junior year, the options will open up for students to have a choice of many different courses, as noted above in the graphic.  During this year, students are starting to develop higher level energy and engineering skills in these upper level classes.  Students in the Energy Industry Fundamentals course will be a part of the Mentoring Program and work with Xcel Energy for the 2015-2016 school year.

12th Grade

Senior year, students can complete the pathway with the capstone course Engineering Design and Development.  This course focuses on students identifying an issue then doing research, design, and testing their models to arrive at a solution.  At this point, students are ready to enter into any energy or engineering program at the university level.  Students can also do an internship with a company in the energy or engineering field.  This experience will provide students a real-world opportunity to work with a company before they attend college.