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The JFK Counseling Program has been recognized as a Model Program by the American School Counseling Association since 2009.


Graduation Requirements

Total Credits Required: 240

40 credits: 4 years/8 semesters
Including the following named courses:

Intro. to Literature and Composition (1 year)
American Literature and Composition (1 year)
Upper Division Writing Academic Elective or World Literature (1 year)
Social Studies
30 credits: 3 years/6 semesters
including the following named courses:

U.S. History (1 year)
Civics (1 semester)
Geography (1 year)
30 credits: 3 years/6 semesters
Including the following named courses:

Earth Science (1 year)
Biology (1 year)
Chemistry or Physics (1 year)

40 credits: 4 years/8 semesters
Including the following named courses:

Algebra I (1 year)
The high school algebra requirement will be waived for a student who successfully completes one year of algebra in middle school (or passes the 8th grade Algebra Test). In no case will students receive high school credit for courses completed in middle school.

Geometry (1 year)
Algebra II (1 year)
Higher Level Math (1 year)
Physical Education, Dance, or ROTC
10 credits: 1 year/2 semesters

Equivalents shall include: Citywide Marching Band, DPS Athletics or Cheerleading.
Athletic sports that are sanctioned by the Denver Public Schools’ Board of Education and meet the criteria below may exempt a student from the physical education graduation requirement. No grade or credit will be given for athletic participation and such exemptions will not reduce the total number of hours required to earn a diploma. Both semesters of the physical education requirement may be exempted by athletic participation.
Criteria governing physical education exemptions:

The student must maintain academic eligibility for the entire season.
One full sport season is required to exempt a student from five semester hours (5 units) of PE requirement
A student must be a high school freshman, sophomore, or junior to quality for the exemption. Seniors who have not yet met the PE requirement are not allowed to take this exemption and must enroll in a physical education course.
World Languages
20 credits: 2 years/4 semesters of same language

Academic Electives
20 credits: 2 years/4 semesters
Including the following:

1 year Fine Art (music, art, drama)
1 year other approved academic elective:
i.e. additional units of Language Arts, Social Studies Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language, art, music, journalism, drama, computer science, honors, A.V.I.D., Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, approved career and technical education courses.
50 credits: 10 semesters (may include Acad. Electives)

Students in all grades are assigned to a Counselor alphabetically by last name. Special Education students have a Case Manager who serves as their Counselor. Counselors work directly with students for their Academic Advising, College and Career Planning, Personal and Social Development, and can provide referral services as needed for a wide variety of issues. In addition, each Counselor is responsible for coordinating the programs listed below:

Shea Johnson, 720.423.4341

Joe Naughton, 720.423.4351

Emily Rivera, 720.423.4338
Se Habla Espanol

Meghan Martiniere, 720.423.4366

Counseling To-Do Lists

  • Complete the Career Interest Survey in Naviance (in the Careers tab)
    • username = JFK ID number
    • Password: student’s 6-digit birthdate in mmddyy format  (Example: 070496)
  • Identify a careers that matches your interests
  • Complete the My ICAP survey in Naviance (on the About Me page)
    • You only need to complete the questions for your current grade level
  • Update your email in your Naviance profile (on the About Me page)
  • Research the course plan for your Career Cluster
  • Plan your courses for high school
  • Take the most rigorous classes you can handle (Honors or AP)
  • Get involved, both in and out of school
  • Research post-secondary programs
  • Helpful Resources for Freshmen

  • Complete the Career Cluster survey in Naviance
    • Your username is your ID number and your password is your 6-digit birthday
  • Identify careers that match your interests
  • My ICAP survey in Naviance
  • Update your email in your Naviance profile
  • Take the PLAN practice ACT test and the PSAT practice SAT test
  • Plan courses for high school that match with your career plan
    • Consider IB, AP or Concurrent Enrollment classes
    • see your counselor for more information
  • Take the most rigorous classes you can handle (Honors, AP, IB)
  • Get involved, both in and out of school
  • Research post-secondary (college) programs
    • Big Future
    • College in Colorado
      • Username – the letters dps and then your ID number (dps123456)
      • Password – your 6-digit birthday
    • Naviance
      • Username – ID Number (123456)
      • Password – your 6-digit birthday
  • Helpful Resources for Sophomores