Humanities in the MYP consists of both geography and history and is intended to be taught throughout the full sequence of the Middle Years Programme. Key concepts contained within the subjects are intended to provide the foundation for further study in many fields.

The study of geography is intended to lead students from an understanding of the immediate environment to an appreciation of spatial phenomena at regional, national and global levels. Through the use of a body of major geographical concepts relating to orientation, geographical
position, spatial representation, development, and environment, the student acquires the ability to analyse, classify, explain and record spatial phenomena with increasing sophistication at each level.

The study of history in the MYP demands a truly international approach. It addresses a variety of cultures and times, and stresses their increasing interaction in our modern world. History within an international curriculum stresses the ability to analyse evidence, to use historical sources in a critical way, to detect bias, and to argue empathetically. Beyond factual knowledge, students are encouraged to develop the capacity to think and write historically and to enjoy and value the past for its own sake as well as a means by which to understand and appreciate the present.

Humanities courses offered at JFK:

9th grade
- MYP Geography
- MYP Geography X

10th grade
- MYP Civics
- MYP Civics X
- MYP American History
- MYP American History X
- MYP Hispanic American History
- MYP African American History
- MYP Ancient History X
- MYP Medieval History X